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Things to consider when writing a Resume/CV

CV Writing Tips South Africa – Giving due thought to your resume is an important thing that can help you get that job you always dream of as a strong resume does wonders for your chances of making it to the interview stage.

Keep your CV Short and Precise
When a single vacant is advertised, hundreds if not thousands of people applies for it, which means the recruitment officer has a lot of CV to look into. Making your CV short and precise can help the person who is reading your CV to quickly understand important facts about you. Usually they want to know your qualifications and experience so make sure that if possible put that information on the first page if its a two page CV but I will advice to make a one page CV.

List Your Work Experience from your present employment to the oldest.
When listing your work history, start with the present company you are working for or start from the latest company you worked for if you are not currently working.

Avoid Unnecessary Personal Details
Avoid including unnecessary information like Gender, Religion, Criminal Record

List you Education Qualifications starting from the most recent one
When you list your Educational Qualifications start from the most recent to the oldest which is high school.

Ask your friends about your cv

Your friends can help you contribute on the quality of your CV. Before you can submit it to employers, ask your friends on what they think about your CV, they can help to point out some things that needs attention before your CV reaches your prospective employers.